Native Americans have lost many of there original ways of life and have been forced to adapt to American ways of life. Although, there are still few tribes that struggle to follow their beliefs today, the majority have reformed. Relatives of the Cherokee members and other tribes are now living a lifestyle so far from what it used to be that you would never know the difference. This whole movement began back when the European explorers had their first interactions with the Native Americans. The Native Americans taught them many things including: how to grow certain crops and plants. The whites however taught the Native Americans a great deal also. They taught them about tobacco and introduced them to metal tools, guns, liquor and brought many horses and cattle. As Europeans moved westward across North America they became more and more of a threat to the Native American way of life. Many Native Americans were forced away or died along the Trail of Tears, finally most of the remaining Native Americans were forced to move onto reservations.
Many European settlers started considering Native Americans uneducated as to how they lived. Schools were starting to be built to give a European style education. The Native American children were told not to speak their own languages, worship their own religion, or follow their tribal customs. They were even told that American Culture was superior and they said "kill the Indian, save the man."
Existing tribes today are very rare, only some in Central and South America have kept their language and lifestyle. Native Americans never had it easy, nor do the ones struggling to stay true to their beliefs today. However, now that the impact of the Europeans shoving them out of their land has impacted the Native American nation so greatly, they will never have the chance to live the lifestyle they once did.

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