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Emmett Till was a 14 year old boy from Chicago Illinois who went to his uncles house in Mississippi. While he was there he was killed by a group of white men because Emmett said a rude remark to a white (women) cashier. Emmett was beaten to death and then thrown in a river. Emmett's funeral was open casket, which means his body was open to the public for everyone to see. After this funeral both whites and blacks saw how badly Emmet was beaten and knew that this was very wrong. This was a big part of blacks gaining more civil rights. This shows racial profiling because if this was a white 14 year old boy who said this rude remark the man would definitely not try to kill they boy, he probably wouldn't even think about it. Also, during the court trial Emmett Tills killers were not found guilty. Everyone knew that they were guilty, even the judge. But because the victim was black and the killer was white the killer was never thrown in jail or had any charges on him.


Emmett Till

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