Johnson Vs. McIntosh - Appellants: Johnson and Graham Appellee: William McIntosh

The case took place in 1823 Johnson and Graham claim that the title to land purchased by private individuals directly from Indian tribes before the United states gained independence should be recognized by the united states. Jonson and Graham thought they owned Ohio river valley but the Indians also thought they owned it as well. McIntosh won the case but then Johnson and Graham took the case to supreme court. Mcintosh won his case in supreme court by denying purchase of land.

Indian Removal Act - The case was when Presedent Andrew Jackson forced Indians/Native Americans to move out of the south and move west but most Indians refused so the Act went into supreme court.

Cherokee Nation Vs. Georgia - Plaintiff wanted to stop Georgia from illeagully and forcefully removing Cherokee Indians from their land. The lawer for plaintiff was William Wirt. The Indian tribes in the south east were removed in 1858. Georgia wanted to put the Indans whare they would not bother the settlers anymore. The Indians then made treaties with the government so they could not be moved any more. Because of the act Indian children had to go to schools for whites and mixed marrages were taking place.